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Joie de Vivre means joy in life. Life is like a rollercoaster. There are ups and downs. To feel all that makes us human.

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I'm Lazy [20 Oct 2007|11:43am]
I admit that.
I haven't been logging in regularly.
I haven't been updating regularly.
I haven't posted any pictures for ages.

And I'm here to announce that this will no longer be my primary blog.
I'm going to start anew. Hopefully that will make me blog more often...hehe...

So dear friends...update your links and your bookmarks!

Joie de Vivre is now @ li-ann.blogspot.com

Note: Might update here some times...maybe...
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First Year's almost done! [12 Apr 2007|01:07am]
[ mood | blah ]

Second post of the year! Hoho...I've been really slacking off...anywayyyyy....

It's nearing the end of the second semester of my first year here at USM! Fast huh? I can't believe it either. Finals started on Monday and I just completed my 2nd paper today, Physical Chemistry. It was alright but I made a few silly mistakes. Too many formulas to memorise I guess. That subject has got to be the most "stressful" subject for reasons which I won't disclose here. Ask me personally if you're curious. Anyway, went out for pizza just now with Adrian, Chin Lin, Ghad, Hoon and Jeff who drove us there. Had a jolly good time I would say. We were there from 7.45 till 10pm! I think we were a really loud bunch there cracking jokes and all..hehe...

I chatted with Hoon about her school. She was also from a convent, Convent Light Street, and then went to St.Xavier's, a La Salle school. [By the way, Hoon's my roomie.] There's just so much in common! For one, Convent girls, remember the 'tunnel' which supposedly goes all the way to St.Michael's? Hoon told me that she too have heard of such a tunnel in her school which links to St.Xavier's. Is that a coincidence or what? I wonder whether other 'tunnels' of this sort exist elsewhere too!

Well I should really be studying right now I know. I just had this sudden urge to blog. Afterall, I have not been updating as frequently as I had been. Wanted to post some photos but am having trouble with Flickr right now. Apparently they have completed their merge with Yahoo! and I can't sign in with the old id anymore. I need to set up a Yahoo! id to sign in and that seems to be taking ages =.=...sigh...

On another note, I watched Goong and Goong S recently. Goong is better than Goong S by the way. But that's not my point. What I really want to say is...does anybody out there have Goong S episode 20 with english subtitles and Goong episodes 22,23,24 and special with english subtitles???? I repeat...

1. Goong S episode 20 - english subtitles
2. Goong episodes 22, 23, 24 and special - english subtitles

I'm desperate!!! The ones I have does not have any subtitles! It's so frustrating as you reach the ending of the story and you realise..."oh they're speaking Korean..oh there aren't any subtitles!!!!" :( I'm not that desperate for Goong S because I found the review of the final episode on someone's blog but GOONG! I can't find the subtitles and I can't find any episode by episode reviews! Somebody help me! I craveeeee Goong!

Argh...Flickr is not loading! Looks like photos will have to wait. Signing off now!

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Home for the New Year [11 Feb 2007|10:58pm]
Ah back to updating my journal. Apologies for my long absence. Been wanting to post lots of photos but the connection at campus is limited so I couldn't upload any. Well anyway, i'm home right now and I had just had this conversation with Terence on msn.

.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
is dat...ur new hairstyle?!?
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
it isnt new
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
i just din tie it up
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
u must be pulling my leg
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
the last time i saw u, ur hair wasnt like that
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
it's like that
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
i din do anything to my hair
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
u r serious?!?
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
maybe i was too blind
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
y omg???
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
dunno lar...i havent seen u with that hairstyle b4...hehe
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
i always tie my hair up ma
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
but it's quite shocking lar
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
y shocking?
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
cos i havent seen u with that hairstyle b4...
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
is that good or bad?
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:
um...i duno...u shud ask dur bf
.: Sennen no Yuki :. prologue of epilogue says:

=.="...shocking??? nani????

My current userpic on msn is this:
Chin Lin & I @ Kenny Rogers Queensbay

Adrian's response?
ăÐѓǐǺЛ ĥêŵ says:
ăÐѓǐǺЛ ĥêŵ says:
wan me to comment on ur hair?
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
ăÐѓǐǺЛ ĥêŵ says:
i told u it look nice when u let it down mar
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:
the one in my pic?
ăÐѓǐǺЛ ĥêŵ says:
~*|!@Nn*~:::Ishida & Raito::: says:

I love my bf..always reassuring...!!! i needed reassurance regarding my hair??? nani??? ................

Note: Currently watching Full Metal Alchemist courtesy of Oi Leng =)
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New Layout! [02 Dec 2006|11:46pm]
Wonder what took me so long to change my layout. Anyway, I like this new layout cause I can tweak around and add links! I've also added a counter. More stuffs later on. Quite tired trying to adjust the lines.

And oh I've been playing Blogshares lately. Kinda addicted to it but not as addicted as somebody...hehe...anyway do check it out. Please click the Blogshares link in the sidebar under For Fun...hehe...I'd get some "chips" if you do. Thanks in advance!

Tired...post more some other time. Tata!
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Ooooo check this out... [26 Nov 2006|09:27pm]
[ mood | Ooo... ]

Ichigo looks so hot on my journal....

Hehe...don't mind me...just wanted to note it down...ichigo so cool when bankai...... =P

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Casino Royale [24 Nov 2006|11:59pm]
Watched the movie with my dad today hehe...ermm...what i think about the movie? It was alright. Not the usual "martini shaken not stirred"-type of Bond. It's quite refreshing to see a more rugged Bond. Hmm...kinda like Mission Impossible...only less action and the Americanised-spying methods. Love the Aston Martin! Hot!

Overall I would give the movie 3.75 out of 5. There were a few "flaws" in the movie though...first I've got to say that Bond doesn't really have a well shaped body. Disappointing! A spy with no abs??!!! Oh they should have just let him keep the shirt buttoned at all times! Ugh...i think he's got a slightly toned pot-belly...not a very nice view anyway. The bond girls on the other hand are very nice and classy especially Eva Green. I think she's very pretty.

Back to the downside of the movie, it's rather draggy. Usually the plot builds up, reaches climax and then a little bit of conclusion and the end. Sweet and simple. But here...well...i like the plot but executed rather poorly. I was actually waiting for the movie to end cause my butt hurts already! But there was more...dread...*butt hurts*...anyway, i like the plot in spite of the minor setbacks. Don't give too much thought into the rationale of the movie anyway...just sit back and enjoy. I love the ending scene the most...hehe my favourite line "Bond. James Bond." Classic! Oh oh...did I mention the scenery was marvellous?! I'd love to go there myself one day if I have the chance. Really picturesque. Lovely...*dreams*...

On another note, sem results out on the web already. So far i'm ok with my results but really scared of my maths results which isn't out yet...a sure killer. Dread...
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My Interests Collage [14 Nov 2006|10:08pm]
My Interests Collage!Collapse )
Create your own! Originally Written By ga_woo, Hosted and ReWritten by darkman424
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Holi-holiday! [12 Nov 2006|11:41pm]
I'm homeeeeee....hehe...finished my last paper on friday morning, packed and came home in the evening. It's great to be back! I've been relaxing and watching lots of tv hehe...what to do? I've been so deprived! Can't wait to catch those tvb dramas!

Well, I did get to watch season 6 of Smallville at uni and i downloaded a couple of movies from the lan network there...hehe..I don't know where those people downloaded all that stuff but sure am glad they shared it on the network. So far I've downloaded Just My Luck, Over The Hedge, Bleach episodes 1 to 100, Deathnote episodes 1 to 4, complete series of Full House, Smallville season 6 up to episode 5...hehe yea my laptop's gonna run out of space soon hehe..

By the way, Death Note the movie isn't showing in Ipoh! So sad! I quite like the anime. Nice plot, very nice sketchings...whyyyyyyyy???? Alas...good things don't happen all the time. On another note! DID you KNOW!!!!!!!! Season 6 of Smallville is EXTREMELY good to WATCH??? Hehe...because there's Justin Hartley acting as Green Arrow and he's really HOT! AAAAAAHHHHHHH....so lengchai! so yau ying! I don't know what's with me and guys with bow and arrows (my roomie pointed out that Legolas, Ishida, Green Arrow all carry bow and arrows)....maybe it's just a COINCIDENCE that LENG CHAIS always get the BEST parts hehehehe.. =P

So right now, I'm very much into watching death note, bleach and smallville...teehehe...bleach is currently quite draggy bleh...that sucks...prefer earlier episodes...bwahaha...

That's all for the moment...feels a little rusty at blogging >.< ..hope this entry isn't too choppy hehe...

Oh yeah...anyone back home already???? Let's meet up!
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Buy buy buy... [25 Oct 2006|12:51am]
Just stocked up some food last Sunday and I'm already out of food! Lol...went out this afternoon with my roomie, Wei Tek and his friend. Bought 4 cups of instant noodles, dahfa fish fillets, campbell mushroom and chicken soup...i don't think that's gonna last long... =.="

Feeling a lil hungry now...where's that dahfa......
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It's been a while... [21 Oct 2006|06:48pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

It's revision week already! Time sure flies. One semester here at USM is almost over. Exams coming up next week. What have I been doing lately? Haha...not much other than studying, downloading songs and movies through the lan network here...and i've been watching Bleach lately. Not really good but boleh tahan-lah...hehe of course there's a leng chai ISHIDA in there haha... =P Who got me into watching Bleach you ask? Adrian lo...he was watching halfway through it so i downloaded the other half from another friend and watched with him. Judging from the episodes I've watched, it's a lil predictable...drawing is not really good...very 2D and some just suck...but well, my fav characters are Cloud (because somethings that he says does have a point...looks like V from "V for Vendetta") and Ishida (cause he's yau ying!!!!). Hehe...

The other day I watched "Spirited Away". Got it from my roomie. Quite nice! I like it lots...the storyline's unique, very cute characters (baby Popo especially), all in all nice...too bad it was the canto version and not japanese though.

Will be going out to Parit Buntar later with my friends. Need to stock up for the weekend cause the cafe wont be opened. We're like on a deserted island here. Cut off from the outside world...well not that bad la...but then when you don't have a car around here...it's pretty much like that.

Ok that's all for now! Just downloaded Mario Forever. Gonna install it now. Downloading here sure is fast when everyone else has gone home....hehehe....need to check how much space I've got left...

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Twisted [24 Sep 2006|12:12am]
[ mood | boo... ]

I was searching some info for my assignment and I came across this article about Malaysia. It's in a way promoting Malaysia as a tourist attraction but at the same time pretty straight forward at telling the bad points as well.

You can check it out here: Malaysia - A Study In Contrasts by Jon Davies

This though I found pretty funny in the article:
"Genting Highlands, often talked up by people in KL, is a rather depressing gambling resort north of the city and best avoided."

Chuckles...who's complaining? Uncle Lim making so much money up there!

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I'm so lazy to update! [23 Sep 2006|10:29pm]
Finally taking the time to update my blog...hehe...during the mid-sem break I got myself a laptop yay!!! That's why I can online here at USM. Got LAN in the rooms and also wireless connection at the cafeteria as well as Materials School. Not bad leh...I guess the authorities realise how cut off we are from civilisation over here at Parit Buntar/Nibong Tebal =.="...

The past few weeks have been hectic as usual with tests...quizes...weekly experiment reports to do!!! Gahhh...my FAV lab reports...haven't finish writing next week's one and I got test and assignments due next week as well!!! Phew...ah haven't finish my maths tutorial as well...but I'm beginning to get used to the pace here. Constant studying! And if there's any free time...spend it wisely..go out with friends, go play games and most importantly sleep! Hehe...

Anyway, last Thursday at exactly 1am...we had fire drill! Grrrr....lucky my class starts at 10am on Thursdays. So there we were looking like walking zombies. I made a revelation that day though. Did you know that the most important thing to grab when the fire alarm goes off is the handphone??? Lol...all my roommates including myself took our handphones and left our purses in the room. None of us brought our MyKad with us!!! So much for priorities these days eh?...hehe...

Then last Friday while having engineering drawing at the Materials School, we had another fire drill! I guess it's fire drill season. I heard there's one every semester. This time there was a firetruck around and some firemen did some demonstration on how to put out a fire with the fire extinguisher. I must say that my school's dean is damn sporting! She's a very petite lady but very friendly and outgoing. She took part in the demonstration. Cekap!

That's about it la for now. Got my exams timetable aready. My last paper is on the 10th of November...yay...then one month's holiday...weeee....can't wait!

Note to self: Find my PA!!!
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Squash [09 Sep 2006|10:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]

So happy today cause Adrian taught me how to play squash this morning. Yay!!! I can play ady!!! But to be truthful, I didn’t do much running around hehe…and definitely he got “zhau” me one la when playing. Still it was quite tiring and my arm is kinda painful right now. Feels a little weak also…

Very tired now…*yawns*…how’s everyone doing by the way? Drop me a line? I’ve got to prepare my experiment report now…ciao!

Note: H A P P Y D A Y . . . =D

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Holi-Holiday! [25 Aug 2006|02:01pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Weeeeeee....10 days holiday! Hehe...am back at home. Dad came to fetch me home. Today was the last day and everyone's so eager to go home and leave the cali infested campus...seriously the field near the hostel is a breeding ground! Not to mention, haze free for 10 days! Yay!!! Hehe...ah so glad to be back...but at the same time I know I'll be missing someone....oh well 10 days! I'll survive lol...will write more later la...right now I need to adjust back to the real world cos I feel so cut off at uni. Don't have time to read newspapers or watch tv. Only occasionally...that doesn't include watching tv and gosh I miss cartoons! Yay...tmr morning will be glued in front of the tv hehe... =P

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I'm speechless... [31 Jul 2006|04:35pm]
Initially i wanted to write a post on St. Anne's Feast cause I went there with my friends last Friday after classes...but now...I just found out something really dreadful...

Wan Yee's brother was murdered yesterday. He was slashed by robbers in Wangsa Maju...

I really don't know what else to say right now..this is really saddening...
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Back at the campus [25 Jul 2006|12:19pm]
Oh man..it's been so tiring. My faculty's orientation just started yesterday night. No agenda for today cause our timetable's just really packed today. But tmr and the day after still got orientation. Gees wasting time la. Have to prepare for performance also. Don't know what crap we'll come up with. Everybody's so sleepy today during lectures. Got experiment later on at 2pm. I'm gonna crash soon...lol...that's all la...my friendster page seems to take forever to load! Gonna go Zzz...
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Hoho i got tagged a month ago... [22 Jul 2006|02:47pm]
Sorry Jared! Just realised you tagged me! Lol~!! Well here goes...

"8 things about my perfect lover"

1. Witty. I'd like someone who can talk with me for hours and make me laugh at the same time cause I am kinda quiet at times especially around strangers. I seldom open up to people who doesn't have the key to my heart.

2. Loyal. Flirts are a no-no...haha...actually it's ok but then there's a limit. There's a thin line between flirting just for the heck of it and actually crossing over to the other side. At the end of the day, he should be clear about where his heart is and at the same time please don't make me have any doubts cause if I do, obviously it's not working out.

3. Intelligence. Someone who is smarter than me and I can look up to for advice just like my best friend.

4. Loves me for who I am. Take the good with the bad..complement me. Change me only if it's for the better but don't force me to.

5. Romantic. Know the right words at the right time and share them with me...know the wrong words at the wrong time and keep them to himself =P hehe..

6. Speaks english, cantonese & mandarin. English cause that's my medium of communication =P...cantonese cause I can bear with that too...mandarin so he can teach me =)

7. Caring & loving. Every lover should be that and patient too.

8. Good looks. Well it doesn't hurt! Hehe...but if he has the above 7 with just regular looks (it may be just 87.5% but...) he has already won me over =)

[EDIT] Tagging Lilian, Oi Leng, Chee Sheng, Adele, Wern Liang, kanimaki!

Lastly, just wanna say, perfection is utterly impossible. It is only when someone can complement me then he would be my perfect lover.

Note: Life is a wheel. Sometimes you're at the top of it enjoying every beautiful moment. Sometimes you're at the bottom struggling to find that little spark of hope. Whatever it is, be optimistic that things will be better, cherish what you have and never give up hope.
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Guess what? [21 Jul 2006|10:41pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I'm back at home this weekend! Home sweet home...hehe...such a tiring day today! It's been pretty crazee at usm lah! But let me start my story with something I never quite expected. Only yesterday I found out that I have a coursemate who was my friend back at kidergarten! Can you believe that??? After kindy we're all separated then didn't contact also and now hey we knew each other practically erm what? 13 yrs ago??? wow...and i actually found that out from a guy whom i got to know just 2 weeks ago. but i'm sure glad i found out or else i'd be coming back alone. we came back to ipoh together today. took the bus from parit buntar to kamunting cause we missed the bus back to ipoh. had to go to kamunting to take another bus. that was great cause we actually chatted all the way back (which prevented me from falling asleep) and kinda catch up on what's been happening that sort of stuff. anyway, feels great to be back! miss my bed lots!

today was pretty hectic anyway..I had classes from 8 this morning all the way till 2pm! no lunch break oso then after that i hurried back to my hostel then straight away get on the taxi with my friends to the parit buntar bus station. Only had bread for lunch! >.< i reached here at about 5.45pm then waited for my dad then straight go dinner cause i was starving haha...forgot to take some biscuits with me...hehe...

alright more on uni? i guess u guys would like to know about that? erm did i mention the HUGE birds and flies population here? haha...i hate the birds the most! cause they shit on the clothes line. we had to take desperate measures by getting a plastic cover to cover the clothes. as for the flies, they're everywhere! there was once my roommate found a fly COOKED in the rice...yuxxxx...and if you were to sit at the cafeteria, you can hear the sound of flies getting zapped by that electrical thingy every few seconds.

apart from that, food is pretty much the same everyday and oh did i mention we have to walk 15mins everyday to get to lectures! sometimes we don't even bother going back to the hostel if we have lectures or tutorials later...just go library...it's quite big and spacious btw. the campus here is alright...all the buildings look pretty much the same and even painted the same colour..haha...i sometimes have trouble with my directions because of that. everything looks the same! haha~!

i made an entry the other day...but i think i closed the window too soon and din get updated. anyway, i went to penang last sunday with my friends. we went to gurney plaza and we watched superman. wanted to watch pirates as well but too many ppl. only got front seats left so forget it...superman returns was kinda below my expectations la. it's good but i found the pace a little too slow at times. it's like superman's flying through the clouds ah magnifiscent beautiful but then you start wondering when is that scene goin to end??? i almost fell asleep during one of those slow moments at the beginning of the movie...hehe...after watching the movie, we walked around gurney plaza then walked to gurney drive for dinner before heading back.

i'll stop here...feeling drowsy...haha...will be going back on sunday. most probably by bus or is anyone goin up north? can drop me off at usm? haha...i shall try to persuade my dad to send me hehe...or else it's the bus!

just whistle

I'm at USM! [12 Jul 2006|03:34pm]
Ah finally got my hands on a computer at the lab here! Hehe...but can just online a while lah. Later have to got to the library for some orientation on the Krisalis system that they're using there. Last week was the orientation week. Absolutely lack of sleep! Everyday sleep so late then have to wake up so early the next day. Now it's better.

Classes started last Monday. The lecturers here are good but the books that we have to get are soooo expensive! We're probably gonna do some photostating hehehe...just hope that the lecturers don't catch us cause some of them are written by our lecturers.

Currently enjoying myself here la. Last Saturday my friends and I took a taxi to Parit Buntar. Too bad I don't have my cam with me here. Had a great time shopping there and I also found out bout the bus tickets to go back to Ipoh. Then last Sunday we took a walk to the nearby housing area to have a look. Nothing much there and we had lunch at a coffee house named Vigor. The food seriously sucks and expensive. Never drink lemonade there...yuxxx...but the soup was nice. That's the only thing I like. But they give very little soup only lah.

The coming weekend we might be going to Penang but it's not yet confirmed. I want to watch Superman Returns!!!!! That's all I want haha..well just have to wait and see la.

That's all for now. Take care peeps!!!
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This is it! [30 Jun 2006|02:03pm]
The time has come! Tomorrow I'll be leaving. I'm almost done packing. Just couldn't resist coming online for one last time. I haven't got a laptop to take with me so I don't know when I'll be free to update again.

Anyway, I'm going USM. It's at Nibong Tebal near Parit Buntar. Nothing much there...have to go Butterworth for entertainment..haha that's what I heard. Well at least got Ray Mun there also lah..he's taking Aerospace Engineering if I'm not mistaken.

Will miss home definitely and will miss all my friends.

The time has come
for me to leave
and to embark
on a new journey in my life

I will leave behind
all the things I love
my home, my family
and my friends

But memories of them
I will take with me
to keep me company
in this new environment

I'm feeling homesick already...lol...oh well...so much for watching Superman...that didn't happen. Hope to catch him before he flies away!

Take care friends!
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